The Werkstatt Ethnologie Berlin (WEB) is a scientific non-profit organisation established in 1986. Its members are ethnologists and social and cultural anthropologists that focus their action on the domain of public anthropology concerning ethnologies of daily cultures. We aim at contributing to highlight challenges and chances from Berlin’s complex society. We translate ethnologic know-how into practice and explore new research fields in the city. We go public through exhibitions, intercultural city tours, conferences, workshops and publications. This animation film is our first own production and was published as new year’s wish for 2021. For the SIEF conference, we added some highlighting text to generate dialog with colleagues that might have interest in contributing to our work. For further information, please contact us or visit our website

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WEB animated wishes: An experimental film with the WEB association as a call for support into adaptating new communication forms from Caroline Contentin on Vimeo.